A Brief History

We named our company after the legendary Gabriel de Clieu, who managed against all odds to plant a single coffee seedling in Martinique.

From this humble beginning, a half-century later, the Latin American coffee plantation system was born - the genesis of the very coffee you are about to drink. We make coffees for people with a storied life. May this cup of coffee be fuel to help you live your best adventure yet!

Learn more about Gabriel De Clieu’s story.

We believe coffee should be imperfect, fun and personal.

We understand that not everyone is a barista or have taste buds trained to pick up tasting notes like a professional Q grader!

This is the reason why we want our coffee to be more relatable, fun and personal. Our coffee blends are specially curated to hero our customers who may come from different backgrounds and professions but all sharing the same passion for coffee. Made for the risk takers, creators and the romantics, we hope our coffee capsules will hit the right notes in revealing your inner personalities and reigniting your passion.

Our Coffees