The Underrated Coffee Legend

The Underrated Coffee Legend

Jan 19, 2022

We often heard of the famous legend, Kaldi – the goat herder who discovered coffee. Well, Gabriel De Clieu's story is as incredible and is one of true passion, bravery and adventure.

Gabriel De Clieu was a french naval officer who against all odds went through a treacherous voyage to the new world to plant a single coffee seedling in Martinique.

In this arduous journey, he had to evade capture by pirates in Northern Africa and faced violent storms. If that wasn’t enough, water supply was scarce and he even had to ration his own water supply to keep his precious coffee seedling alive!

By 1777 there were over 18 thousand coffee trees in Martinique, and the coffee plant had spread throughout the region.

Some may disagree that De Clieu should be given full credit for the birth of coffee cultivation in the Americas, however, we still feel that this as an incredible story which have inspired us and we hope will inspire you!